The second generation of entrepreneurs is ready to receive tourists.

On July 5, the second generation of entrepreneurs of Caminos de Osa graduated. With the inclusion of 19 businesses, the routes of the destination have benefited with a larger variety of activities and options for the tourists, and at the same time the entrepreneurs will have more tools to offer better services and create their businesses.


The training program had a duration of six months and was lead by RBA, the CRUSA Foundation, the Osa-Golfito Initiative (INOGO), and SINAC with the support of the mentors and organizations allied with Caminos de Osa.


The participants of the process highlighted that the principal lesson was working as a team. “Learning how to work in unity, all together, has been the biggest achievement to reach any goal, if we work as a team now, we know what can be accomplished” pointed out Yolanda Rodriguez, one of the entrepreneurs who concluded this process.


We congratulate all of those who were part of this project. Now 39 businesses form part of Caminos de Osa, impacting 155 people directly, and linking the local businesses to strengthen the territory and protect the most biologically intense area of the plant.


The second generation of Caminos de Osa is now waiting for you to walk the Osa Peninsula together.