We were present at Tedx Pura Vida Joven 2016, with the talk “the true color of gold is green”. Daniel Villafranca of RBA, the lead company of the project, had the challenge of speaking about Caminos de Osa, its creation, and its work model with a 10-minute presentation in front of all 3,000 spectators who attended.


Osa contains a natural treasure, which includes the wonderful people that reside there. However, the opportunities available for the population to prosper socially and economically in the protected areas are slim. That is why Caminos de Osa was created; where tourism is an adventure that becomes a tool for the workers of the area to improve their living conditions.


The TedX talk highlighted the importance of this project for the population with the story of Mr. Juan Cubillo, a native of Osa who decided to utilize his knowledge and experience to become an entrepreneur. Mr. Juan, travelled all the way from Osa to the event to invite all people who were present to live the Caminos de Osa experience and help the workers of the area.


If you want to see the Ted Talk, just click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV-LtRK_9Zo