After more than 8 months of effort and hard work, Zacarías Alemán Valencia, Casa Drake Lodge founder, became the first entrepreneur in our project to meet all the requirements to offer his services through the national tour operators that are allied to Caminos de Liderazgo (Horizontes, Swiss Travel and Travel Excellence).

This linkage is the first of many that we expect. Zacarías is one of 35 entrepreneurs that are part of the Tourism Service in Caminos de Liderago Development program, implemented since August 2014 with the goal to train its participating entrepreneurs so they are better prepared to meet the demands of national and international tourism.

Mr. Zacarías at Casa Drake

Mr. Zacarías at Casa Drake

"The linkage process to the national tour operators has been happening since their first visit where they evaluated the services and infrastructure of Casa Drake. From the beginning, Zacarías and his business caused a very good impression and proved to be close to be marketed intenationally" - Susana Matamoros, Mr. Zacarías' mentor during this process. 

This first linkage comes from a lot of work and patience, setting an example for the other rural tourism entrepreneurs in the area to continue their efforts with discipline and spirit. 

Good work and congratulations Zacarías!