On February 21st, 2015, the first Founding Associates Assembly was held, where the "Caminos de Osa Association" took shape. In this meeting, a nearly 5 hour long session, the Founding Associates deliberated and agreed upon the Statues that would govern the Association, as well as named from among their peers the members of the Association's components: the Board of Directors and the Attorneys. Both components were compliant with the desired representation in terms of both gender and the sectors of the workforce. Currently, the Association is in the process of being registered to the Registry Office's Associations Department. 

The members of the Board of Directors are as follows: 

- President: Juan Diego García Godínez 
- Vice-president: Enoc Espinoza Villalobos
- Secretary: María Rebeca Quirós Herrera
- Treasurer: Adriana Almengor Vega
- First "Vocal" : Estarlin Marín Hidalgo
- Second "Vocal" : María del Rocío Vargas González
- Third "Vocal" : Alice Magaly Cambronero Castro 
- Fourth "Vocal" : José Zavarías Alemán Valencia
- Fifth "Vocal" : Lana Jean Wedmore
- First "Fiscal" : Daniel Villafranca Laporte
- Second "Fiscal" : María del los Ángeles Almengor Almengor
- Third "Fiscal" : Mariano Marquínez Montezuma