The Osa Peninsula is one of the crown jewels of Costa Rica, and is home to some of the places with the greatest natural aesthetic beauty in the region. Today, 80% of the territory is protected under varying types of conservation, which allows the Osa Peninsula to host species that represent 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. However, in contrast with the wealth and natural exuberance of the area, local communities experience poverty and low levels of development. Therefore, it is still common for many inhabitants of the region to engage in activities such as illegal logging, gold mining, and hunting as means of subsistence.

CAMINOS DE OSA presents itself as an opportunity to promote a sustainable and integrated development agenda in the Osa Peninsula. Through the creation of this community-based tourism destination, we seek to spread the wealth of tourism activities by inviting visitors to engage with Corcovado’s surrounding communities and their unique culture, in addition to the flora and fauna that traditionally have attracted tourists to the region. By encouraging rural community tourism in the region, we fundamentally believe that a more equitable distribution of the benefits of tourism can be reached, thereby also improving the local population’s quality of life without compromising the Osa marine and terrestrial ecosystems.